Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lolita VS Mori Girl

Ever dreamed of living in a quaint little cottage in the woods, well then perhaps you'll fall head over heels for the next Lolita hybrid: Mori Lolita.

Mori girl is an aesthetic that has charmed its way into the hearts of many since it first step out onto the fashion scene. Like Lolita fashion, Mori girl originated in Japan and draws from other fashions like natural kei.

"Mori" in Mori girl means forest in Japanese, and Mori girl seek to resemble a forest dwelling girl, or a forest fairy. The Mori girl aesthetic is attributed to Choco from the Mixi community (an online Japanese community similar to facebook), who became inspired after a friend commented that she looked like a forest girl.

What is Mori girl?
Ever imagined what Gretel, Heidi, and Little Red Ridding Hood would wear?
Well Mori girl fashion comes closest to what would be.
Innocence and quirkiness are essentially what a Mori girl wants to emulate. Muted tones, natural fibers, antique items and second hand pieces are all part of the Mori girl aesthetic. This style is very free form with guidelines not strick "must follow" rules.

Mori Lolita?

Now with the looseness of Mori girl and the sometimes rigid rules of Lolita, it is a little difficult to see how these could mesh well, but I believe that those that have found a fondness for Mori Lolita, have to find balance. There's a lot of give and take.

The sub-style best suited to adapt for Mori Lolita would have to be classic Lolita, though sweet Classic especially Classic Sweet Lolita would work well too. Classic and Mori girl share many motifs such as muted tones, floral prints, antique pieces and historical flair.

How to get the look?

Color is key: pastels are welcomed but mostly in a washed out tones; earthy browns like chestnut and chocolate are perfect; creams, off whites and white are also great colors for the Mori girl palette.

Prints: florals, forest theme, fairy tale characters, can all tie into Mori Lolita.

Accessories: think maybe one or two statement pieces of jewelry. Perhaps a simple cancan hat or flower pin for the hair. Remember simplicity is what keeps this aesthetic clean and whimiscal.

Knits and Crochet: shawls, cardigans, sweaters; knitted items all seem to scream forest dweller and should definitely be a part of a Mori Lolita's wardrobe.

Need more Mori girl?

Here's a couple of links
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