Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Many would not list Kodona as Lolita, it lacks many elements to establish itself within the fashion. The silhouette which makes any style immediately recognizable as Lolita is missing and the above all ultra feminine quality is also absent. So why is it that it is mentioned at all?
It can be argued that Kodona is not Lolita, it can also be said that it is, because of the following premises: It features the frills and lace, that many sub-styles do; It attempts to recreate the doll look that many of the other sub-styles do; Finally many brands, that cater to Lolita also cater to Kodona.

So what is Kodona? It is the masculine equivalent of Lolita. Using many elements that can be seen in gothic, sweet, or classical styles of Lolita but instead of working in the classic cupcake skirt silhouette they turn to pants or breeches to complete the look.

Brands that cater to Kodona:
  • Alice and the Pirates
  • Innocent World
  • Metamorphoses temp de fille
  • Black Peace Now
  • Putumayo
  • Union Jack

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Classical Lolita

Of the three styles Classical Lolita has the most apparent reference to the Victorian age, and the Rococo era.The Classic Lolita exudes elegance in muted tones and floral fabrics, relaying a more subdued but still Lolita style.The basic silhouette is present in Classical Lolita, but brands have been known to lower the hem or even get rid of the bell shaped skirt in favour of a more lady like pencil skirt a la Victorian Maiden or even use bustle skirt bringing back the late 19th century feel.

Brands that cater to Classical Lolita:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sweet Lolita

Probably the most popular and the one most people associate with Lolita. She is the sugary sweet princess that portrays the innocent and colorful side of Loli.
Like her Gothic Loli sister she also has the basic silhouette but she dresses in pastels, cute prints and themes.
Though at the beginning sweet lolita was very similar to today's Classical Lolita , brands like Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and Metamorphoses temps de fille have given its unique personality that is bubbly and whimsical.

Brands that cater to Sweet Lolita:

Gothic Lolita

Perhaps the first to develop with in the fashion scope of Lolita, Gothic Lolita or GosuRori was birthed by the visual kei artists and fans. Mana the most recognizable Gothic Lolita and member of many Visual Kei musical groups among the Malice Mizer, has described the style as elegant coining the name Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL). Mana is also the owner of his own Lolita brand, Moi-même-moitié, a brand that caters to Gothic Lolita substyle.

So who is the Gothic Lolita?
She hangs in the delicate balance between the sugary sweetness of the Sweet Lolita and the darkness of Western Gothic Styles. Like most of the other Lolita sub-styles, she works with in the silhouette though the gothic Loli employes darker colors and themes. Crosses, bats, coffins and perhaps a few skeletons are mixed in with themes of roses, Gothic iron gates and exquisite lace

Many brands cater specifically to the Gothic Loli

Styles and Future Articles

The fashion genre Lolita encompasses several different styles, each with its unique character and guidelines.
  • Gothic Lolita
  • Sweet Lolita
  • Classical Lolita
  • Kodona

Right now I am planning on making article dedicated to each of the mayor sub-styles with Lolita

I also plan coming up with some interesting tutorials for hair wear.

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