Monday, September 12, 2011


September: my most favorite of months. Here's some ways to make your September count.

dolly loli 2

  • Autumn is coming with its crisp cool temperatures and it rich earth and jewel tones. A perfect time to experiment with Mori-Lolita or Dolly Lolita (future post) hybrids.
  • On the 19th we have one of our quirkier holidays Talk Like a Pirate day, how about celebrating with a Pirate Lolita coord. Here's some tips to pull off the style.
  • Biscuits seem to be the latest Lolita trend, rainy days might be the perfect time bust out the polymer clay and make some cute accessories to embellish everything.
  • For those of you returning to school try adding some lolita to your wardrobe if you haven't already. Here's a few tips for those in Uniform and for Free Dress
  • Fall leaves are just gorgeous in some areas, collect a few from a tree (or may be your local silk flowers store) and create a beautiful headdress for the season. Take inspiration from this beautiful headdress by Elerronyar:

Thank You to all my followers. I wish you an awesome September!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My favorite month has to be September. Its my favorite for many reason first it is my birthday month, it hails the beginning of the cooler months, which means yes wearing lolita and all its layer will become tolerable again. In honor of the new month I have decided to add a new series to the mix up that is Lolita Poupee, Monthly Tips. You've probably seen these done, so here's my ideas to the pot. Watch out for the next article with this month's, September, tips.
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