Friday, April 24, 2009


Where can one get more information about Lolita other than this blog?

With today's access to information it still puzzles me that anyone would even ponder this without first surfing the net with Google as a most effective surfboard.

Here I shall share links with you to some of my favorite sites for clothes, info and help

Since Lolita fashion hails from Japan, the land of kawaii, so it should come as no surprise that many of the resources for Lolita come from Japan be it sites or magazines or that these are in Japanese.

Here are some interesting sites to check out, for Lolitas who can cross the language barrier

Mary Magdalene ~MM one of my favorite Lolita fashion brands.

Angelic Pretty ~ AP for the cute ama-loli or sweet lolita

Baby the Stars Shine Bright ~BTSSB cute brand, made internationally famous by The Kamikaze Girls! Go Momoko-chan!

Metamorphose ~ Meta very avant guarde Lolita fashion.

Bodyline ~ Though formally shunned it has become a Lolita with a budget best friend! Cute reasonably prices Lolita wear.

and Finally one of the most sought after Lolita shoe the Rocking Horse Shoe from
Double Decker~ DD

And here are some sites for English Speaking Lolitas

Elegant Gothic Lolita community ~ EGL a Livejuornal community here you will find many tips tricks, updates, and answers to your questions.

Lolita Handbook ~ LH need I say more. Tt breaks everything down, what is the proper fabric, lace, shoes, hair. If its Lolita its here.

Lolita Fahion~ LF A very handy sight goes over different Lolita styles, ie Classic, Sweet, Shiro, etc

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This blog is dedicated to Lolita fashion, for the simple reason that I love it and found myself wishing there was more about it in the western world. So I thought to myself why not be one to put it out there and thus was birthed my idea child Lolita Poupée.

My intention is to fill this blog with entries pertaining to Lolita fashion whether it be tutorials, articles, site links, reviews, tips and tricks, or everything that could be helpful to a beginner or maybe a vet to Lolita fashion.


Lolita is a Japanese street fashion that takes from past eras primarily the Rococo and Victorian.
There is much argument about when it came about, some would claim that it was birthed in the late 1980s following the raise of Visual Kei groups, yet others would say it began in the mid 1990s in the mind of fore-parent Mana. But as of today it has jumped the pond and become an international favorite for those would love Japanese fashion of course.

The name of this fashion, Lolita, is sure to draw out tainted thoughts from most westerns (thank you Vladmir Nabokov). Lolita fashion has nothing to do with nymphettes and sexual references, and more to do with feeling beautiful and having fun.

Within Lolita fashion there are many sub-styles ranging from the sweet loli with pastels and cute prints to the dark elegantly clad gothic loli and everything in between.

Though many follow this fashion simply for the love of the clothes, there are others who take it on as a lifestyle, filling there lives with beauty and "feminine" activities like embroidery, baking, etc.
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