Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Loli-fied: Spring 2015 Mainstream Trends Part 1

I was browsing one of my Lolita  favorite blogs: Her Lumpiness and came upon her article Mainstream Trends for Lolitas Spring 2014 was inspired to write my own for 2015 trends.

I began by scouting mainstream fashion magazines' websites like Vogue,, and Glamour and to see what trends could easily used in Lolita

There are many trends so I am divide this article up into a few sections.


Gingham is a pattern that is often used Lolita designs, most notably used in Country Lolita coords.
Country Lolita is a cute substyle inspired by the quaint countryside, as well as  Anne of Green Gable, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. When I think of Country Lolita I think of picnics in the spring time with a lovely cherry/strawberry pie for dessert.

2015 Spring Trends Lolified: Gingham


A controversial fabric in the fashion, but denim pieces have been made by Angelic Pretty,  Meta, and others. This coord is definitely a causal Lolita look. I was inspired to add Hello Kitty because this salopette was an Angelic Pretty collaboration with Hello Kitty.

Loli-fied Spring 2015 Trends: Denim


A staple of spring fashion trends and Lolita, florals with light colored backgrounds are fresh and lovely for the spring time. For this trend I decided to make a Classic Lolita coord, with my favorite Victorian Maiden items.

Loli-fied Spring 2015 Trends: Florals

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sewing Updates

I recently finished my first pair of bloomers. I made them simple because I wanted to get a good grasp on how to make them before adding any embellishments. They are very easy to make, and I plan to make more later on with lace and bows. I used Lady Sasa's tutorial  because I found it to be the most clear to follow. 

I'll be posting more updates on my projects. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Lolita Undergarments: Bloomers

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season. The tail end of 2014 had me wishing I had spent more time in Lolita, so one of my  New Years' resolutions for 2015 is to re-acquaint myself with Lolita Fashion .

In two years time I have failed to acquire a "working" wardrobe. I have have a few pieces but unfortunately they can't be coordinated into a proper Lolita outfit. So my first step is to build up my wardrobe. 

I am a tall plus size Loli and while many brands do have options for tall plus sizes Lolis, at the moment my budget just doesn't have room for any brand shopping sprees, whether from well known or indies brands. 

I have some experience sewing, and decided  I will make my own basics i.e. bloomers, petticoat, underskirts, accessories. 

To build my handmade wardrobe I've decided to start with the foundation garments: bloomers and petticoats (I will discuss petticoats in a separate post.) 

 Angelic Pretty from Hello Lace 

Bloomers are an interesting garment in the Lolita world, they are not meant to bee seen, but everyone highly recommends wearing them for modesty. I wholeheartedly agree. They are essential for making sure there is no accidental mooning when the wind sweeps up our shirts. 

Some Lolis go for traditional bloomers, with frills and even a bit of pouf to pump up their petticoats. Others opt for more comfortable pyjama shorts (which can be great in winter time if you get the flannel versions) or tight fitting bike shorts. 

All three options are good, as long as the shorts are shorter than your skirt's hem you should be set. 

But bloomers are undeniable the cuter option and of course are traditional. 

 Angelic Pretty from Hello Lace

I've always liked bloomers, they remind me of the historical fashions that inspired Lolita Fashion. I want to make at least few pairs bloomers in solid colors like; white, black, beige, brown, and pink. 

For those that would like to make their own bloomers, here are some links to useful tutorials:

Lady Sasa's EASY Bloomers Sewing Tutorial Lolita Cosplay Cute
Bunnyko's Bloomer tutorial 
Evange Sewing Tutorial : How to make bloomers

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