Monday, June 22, 2009


So you know the what, why and where of Lolita fashion. Surfing through brand sites you find yourself looking through the prices and wondering how anyone can offer to be a Lolita.
No worries... most sell their souls-kidding though I have to admit some Lolitas seemed to be the reapers of the souls by the way the act. Yikes!

But back to the main topic: Lolita on a Budget!

How can achieve the dream wardrobe with a whole army of financial set backs?

In today's economy I am still surprised to see some of our favorite Lolita brands still open for business. Yay, for them!

But I am barely staying a float.

So what is a potentially great Lolita to do? I won't have the heart to spend 200+ plus on any garment when that money can go to more important things but I don't want to give up my frills and lace.

EGL Community Sales, Ebay, Closet , Bodyline, etc. to the rescue. Not all Lolis have the loot to fling at APs new marvelous prints. And sometimes to afford a new dress Lolis resort to putying their older garments on sale. You can find great deals on "vintage" prints and designs by going to your follow Lolis.

When buying make sure to have a good idea of what you already have and look for items that you can mix in with what you own, so that you can get more bang for your buck.

If your building up your wardrobe buy pieces in solid colors that can mix well with adorable prints.

Seamstresses and Homemade: Is another way to get your dream wardrobe, with the added benefit of getting a quality garment fit specially for you. This is also a great choice for Lolitas that don't fit in to brands limited sizing. Ay how I wish MM would produce bigger sizes.

Remember to buy quality materials, read the Lolita Handbook for tips on proper fabric, lace and everything you'll need.

I shall be adding tutorials later on so be on the look for those.

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