Friday, May 7, 2010

Updates: Blog, Vlogs and Other Interesting Sites

The Lolita community has grown in last few years and the media has been jumping strides to cater to the new population. Now there are more blogs, vlog and sites that either have a full on lolita theme or have a small post featuring the fashion.

There has also been recent media attention, beside the regular newspaper or newscast, a show called Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty recently aired an episode which featured Japan and a little bit of Lolita fashion . Maki and Asuka had about a nano second of air time and sure they lumped it all into the "harajuku girl style". I won't go into a rant about it, but if you haven't seen it you can watch the segment here.

On to the blogs:

Gothic Lolita Sewing and Other Amusements has become one of my followed blogs, written by Ra, it features her adventures in Lolita and gives many tutorials for the sewing inclined Loli.

Ra mentioned to me NMRFXXR ( aka Saku)'s blog I love the photography and the coordinates I love the rocker aesthetic, though dandy/kodona is the main element any Lolita can learn something about creating an elegant ensemble.

For all the rule breakers there is Andrea's blog Screw the Rules, because rules are meant to be broken.

And the Vlogs:

Desany is a building up her channel LolitaCupcakeXD over in youtube land, I especially love her skirt tutorial.

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