Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In Her Shoes: Flats

I cannot tell a lie. I do not like Lolita shoes (well most). I haven't liked them since I first came to know of the fashion, and though some styles (the famous Tea Party shoe and the original Vivienne Westwood ballerina rocking horse shoes) have grown on me. Most styles still boggle me.
I often find that most Lolita brand shoes are to bulky, to rough looking, the complete polar opposite of the frilly, airy delicate and graceful garments. I've heard that the bulky footwear is meant to stabilize the fashion, to act as a solid base. Honestly I think that's a load of manure and the combination makes for an odd couple.

So what are some alternatives? Let's travel into the land of mainstream fashion particularly.

The Ballet Flat
How much graceful can you get, inspired by the ballet slipper.

Or it's sisters
The Mary Jane Flat

The T-strap flat

To be continued...


  1. I agree with you there. I only have one pair of bodyline heels. Most of my non-lolita heels I don't wear. It's just painful!

    Flats keep me motivated to stay in lolita much longer. Flats also don't restrict you from running about, climbing on stuff.... just enjoying being outside on the streets. Big clunky shoes do that. I do like the fairly chunky mary jane heels, ones with solid bases. I don't like the tiny heel portions that can sink into dirt and grass, or you can easily stumble or twist an ankle on if you so much as brake the hobbling stride. =P Nice analyzing post.

  2. I'm so thankful I found this!

    I posted my Minnie Mouse character inspired coordinate in a FB group for lolitas and someone commented that my coordinate had too much going on, but isn't that the point of an OTT or "Over The Top" outfit? Recommended solid black tights and ankle socks. My shoes aren't fitting for lolita because it takes away from the vibe be it that they're ballet flats. Said I should of gotten a pair of expensive freak'in tea party shoes. Ummm, I don't have that kinda money. As a matter of fact I'm dirt broke. I'll stick with my flats, thank you very much. I don't like the fact of buckling my feet especially the one with my titanium rod leg likes to swell. My foot would be restrained. I normally don't dress in lolita as much as I'd like to, so every time I wear a coordinate seems to be very OTT.

    I had a choice between two pairs of tights (solid black or sheer black lace like in my photos) at ALA that I brought. I've seen every try at a Minnie lolita coord online and everyone uses solid black tights, so I feel by choosing the sheerness of the lace I stand out a bit more that I didn't.

    I went with what I currently had. I was thinking of sheer polka dot for the tights instead of lace for a possible change, but then again I think it would be too much polka dots.

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