Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School

The end of carefree summer days is drawing near soon many of us will be returning to homework and test. Yes, pretty soon the fall semester will start and we have to begin buying supplies and yes new fall clothes.

So what should a loli wear for school????

Going to school in lolita, is a little difficult since the main focus of school is learning (though some of your classmates are otherwise entertained), but that doesn't mean you should have to swear off wearing lolita at school. With a few simple guide lines you should be ready to start the new school year.




Try to minimize the distraction:
*School is for learning and loli can be very distracting, so try to use solids or simple prints like polka dots, stripes, plaids. Milky Planet or Bold florals can be a bit to much for school.
* The accessories are just as important as the dress, but for school less is more. Big head eating bows aren't only be distracting, it can also be a visional obstacle to anyone sitting behind you.

Be comfortable:
*Wearing Loli to school means sacrificing pouf. Remember school desk aren't accommodating to big pouf, so consider using a one less petticoat or a slightly deflated one.
* I recommend using very comfortable shoes, walking from class to class or home is much easier when you have comfy shoes. Flats are comfy and might comply better with school dress codes that disallow heels or open toe shoes.

Be safe:
*Remember to always check your school's dress code before going in any fashion, just to avoid having to put on a huge pink shirt over your coord or worst be sent home to change.
* Though most of my coordinates have brand items, I would recommend using less expensive options for school. You never know what stains or tears can occur so you'll feel less of a hit to the wallet if it isn't a brand dress or dream dress.
* Wearing loli to school can be a little daunting confidence wise. Shelby Cloud one of my favorite Lolitas has some wonderful video talking about the topic. Link!

Have fun! Loli is one of the things that brings you pleasure with a few adjustments loli in school can be an option.

** I will be writing something about loli and school uniforms, keep an eye out!

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  1. Great! I love dressing up at school and I'm happy most of the people around me and my teachers thinks it's okey.... but it's tru as you say it... It can be pretty tiresome sometime :P


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