Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Loli-fied: Spring 2015 Mainstream Trends Part 1

I was browsing one of my Lolita  favorite blogs: Her Lumpiness and came upon her article Mainstream Trends for Lolitas Spring 2014 was inspired to write my own for 2015 trends.

I began by scouting mainstream fashion magazines' websites like Vogue,, and Glamour and to see what trends could easily used in Lolita

There are many trends so I am divide this article up into a few sections.


Gingham is a pattern that is often used Lolita designs, most notably used in Country Lolita coords.
Country Lolita is a cute substyle inspired by the quaint countryside, as well as  Anne of Green Gable, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. When I think of Country Lolita I think of picnics in the spring time with a lovely cherry/strawberry pie for dessert.

2015 Spring Trends Lolified: Gingham


A controversial fabric in the fashion, but denim pieces have been made by Angelic Pretty,  Meta, and others. This coord is definitely a causal Lolita look. I was inspired to add Hello Kitty because this salopette was an Angelic Pretty collaboration with Hello Kitty.

Loli-fied Spring 2015 Trends: Denim


A staple of spring fashion trends and Lolita, florals with light colored backgrounds are fresh and lovely for the spring time. For this trend I decided to make a Classic Lolita coord, with my favorite Victorian Maiden items.

Loli-fied Spring 2015 Trends: Florals

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