Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby the Stars Shine Bright: San Francisco

All images are taken from online sources. I take no credit for them.

I've returned home after a weekend spent up in San Francisco, getting ready to become an official student of San Francisco State University, if only an online student.

I love San Francisco, having visited this amazing city for the first time about 4 years ago. It was love at first glance. I wanted to tie myself to a light post so they wouldn't take me back home.
A last I resolved that I would have to just come visit until I had an epiphany I could go study university in San Francisco.

Then I found out that BTSSB would be opening a boutique there, more reason to be in love, no?

After complete all the important stuff for school we headed back to the hotel to get ready to walk around the city being the average tourists.

On the road trip up there I was checking updates from their blog and saw that the had official started their summer sale.

I had figured how get to New People from our hotel on foot, double checking so that we wouldn't get lost.

We arrived at New People it was elegantly cute, minimalist in style. BTSSB is on the third floor along with Black Peace Now, Sou Sou, Tokyo Creators Garden, and Nail Art House.

Stepping out from the elevator BTSSB boutique is to the left. It is a lovely boutique with polite staff who greet you as you enter and are available if you have any questions.

I browsed around looking at everything carefully. I wished I had enough money to back up the entire store and take home, unfortunately I am on a tight budget and finally settled for a parasol and tote.

The gentleman who attended me was charming and took extra care to wrap up my items, presenting them to me as if I were a princess.

Leaving the boutique I was star-struck and euphoric. I definitely recommend a visit to San Francisco's Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

I wandered around the other shops. I think I might have converted my sister to Gothic Lolita. She was impressed by Black Peace Now. She'll make a lovely gosurori.

I will be adding some pictures of my outfit, I regret not having pictures of the boutique but photographs were not allowed.

I will try to make up all my promised post soon.

I also send thanks all new subscribers and all subscribers. I hope you enjoy what you find here.

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