Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Budget Lolita: Off-Brand

Borrowing a page from EGL's monthly theme I have be wanting write a post focus on Budget Lolita...especially Off-brand.

Now it can be argued that off brand does not neccessarily mean budget...but most of the time one can make up a good portion of one's Lolita wardrobe and general wardrobe by diving into the world of off brand.
So what is offbrand in Lolita terms it means anything that is made or produced by any other company or brand that is not a Lolita Brand ( ie Angelic Pretty, Victorian Maiden, BTSSB, Innocent World et al)
Sometimes it will also add brands that are not Japanese (ie Candy Violet, Megan Maude, Blasphemina's Closet etc etc) but really that issue is a personal call and for me all brands geared to the Lolita are brand weather they are Japanese in origin or not.
So lets begin, shall we?

Most lolis first choice when looking into off brand is.... Forever 21!

The accessories alone are enough of a reason to go and stock up, and from time to time the come up with the most Loliable garments: cardigans, blouses, vest.

Next up HM

HM is an off brand brand that has made its way in to lolita legend when they release a truly Loliable dress

I would suggest scouting out your local HM for blouses and probable jsk options for your coords.

In a final note: for the beginner off brand can be a true hit or miss, to guarantee your off brand excursion produced good results make sure to get the basics of what makes garment lolita and take that info with you as you browse the shelfs and racks at your local boutiques and shops. Happy shopping.

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