Friday, September 10, 2010

Age is But a Number

Who said that after a certain age, or in this case before a certain age you are cut off from the wonders of the Lolita world?

I say wear what you want when you want....except in certain situation of course. Not everyone needs to be happy with who you are, and chances are someone or other will have a problem with what you do, no matter how hard you try to please them.

But on to a lighter note.

It is obvious that some Lolita was inspired by children. I will not mention any names...
This is partially the reason that we get stopped on the street by doe eyed little girls, who fawn over us and tell us we're beautiful.

So isn't absolutely adorable when a child is dresses to the nines in Lolita?

Frilly Capricious is a blog about a japanese little girl who dresses up in Lolita, especially Angelic Pretty. Her mother is also a Loli. Both come up with wonderful coords

So to those of you who just love to ahhh that so adorable at the ultra kawaii head on over to her blog, it is just so darling.

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