Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Budget Lolita: The GO

You probably already heard of a GO, especially if you are member of EGL LJ comm.
If you haven't or have but have no idea what one is, today's article will try to shed some light on this aspect of Lolita shopping.

A GO, group order, is when a group of say 2 or more people get together and order from a site under one person, the GO host/ess.

Usually a GO is meant to lower the cost of shipping* by getting rid of the expense all together since many online shops offer free shipping for orders above a certain amount (say $350 or more).

Now as a participant it is your responsability to tell the hostess what you would like to purchase, and pay her(or him) ahead of time.

You will also give her your address in order to get your items, and this is why a GO is only meant to lower the price of shipping not eliminate it completely (unless its a GO hosted by your local lolita group). The company will send merchandise to only one address. The hostess is responsible to send it out orders received to all participants of the GO.

It can be a simple and pleasant transaction, but something can go wrong. Here are some helpful tips often overlooked in of the excitement.

  • Make sure you trust your hostess, if you can meet her in person, great! but if not check her feedback (check feedback even if you know them in person).
  • Make sure that you sent her the money and have physical evidence that you did. Remember to keep track of receipts and email confirmations.
  • Make sure she has your info correct: from what it is you want to order, to your address sometimes one letter/number difference is all it takes to not getting what you wanted or lose something in the mail.

If you'd like to participate in a GO try the egl_grouporder_comm : you must be a member to participate. Many of the hosted group orders have their own guidelines so make sure you read before you join. Some hostess charge a fee (usually Paypal fees) in addition to the shipping for doing the work.

I'll be posting another article on hosting a GO so keep your eyes out for that for that.


  1. very nice advice :) especially about the feedback and recipets :3

    by any chance do you like heartaprons?

  2. Thank you.
    Heartaprons?, I guess it would depend on the apron LOL. I do want one especially for the spring time


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