Friday, October 8, 2010

Lolita Palace: Versailles Part Deux

Bonjour mes amis!

In continuation of Lolita Palaces: Versailles, lets begin!

Versailles is built during the time of reason and came into the hand of Louis VXVI and Marie Antoinette toward the end of the Enlightenment Era. The French fashion featured both opulence and organization, just look at the gardens: perfectly manicured and luscious!

I wish we all had palaces to recreate Versailles, but until then lets embellish our current spaces!

Start with color: If you can paint the walls, then run to you nearest paint store and load up on pasteles: blues, pinks, yellows, creams If you like Marie Antoinette al Sophia Coppola candy pastels will suit your fancy! Corals, brighter pinks silver blues you imagination is your palette

For a more true to history feel why not try Wallpaper?

This sample makes me think of Marie's bedchamber walls.

Can't dramatically transform your walls how about a gorgeous canopy bed or damask fabric panels behind your headboard?

Or like this? (click picture of link to tutorial)

Next up the style of the Age of Reason, be back soon!

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