Monday, September 12, 2011


September: my most favorite of months. Here's some ways to make your September count.

dolly loli 2

  • Autumn is coming with its crisp cool temperatures and it rich earth and jewel tones. A perfect time to experiment with Mori-Lolita or Dolly Lolita (future post) hybrids.
  • On the 19th we have one of our quirkier holidays Talk Like a Pirate day, how about celebrating with a Pirate Lolita coord. Here's some tips to pull off the style.
  • Biscuits seem to be the latest Lolita trend, rainy days might be the perfect time bust out the polymer clay and make some cute accessories to embellish everything.
  • For those of you returning to school try adding some lolita to your wardrobe if you haven't already. Here's a few tips for those in Uniform and for Free Dress
  • Fall leaves are just gorgeous in some areas, collect a few from a tree (or may be your local silk flowers store) and create a beautiful headdress for the season. Take inspiration from this beautiful headdress by Elerronyar:

Thank You to all my followers. I wish you an awesome September!

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