Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Welcome to October monthly tips:

Pumpkin patches are a great meet up location for this month, so gather a few of your fellow Lolis and head over to you local patch. Once you're all gathered exceptional pumpkins having a craving party. There are many tutorials for cute, ghoulish and elegant Jack-0-lanterns online.
Here's a gallery of some awesome Jack-o-lanterns link!

Continuing on the meet up themes. How about gathering on Halloween for a theme party? A Macabre Alice and Wonderland party, assign everyone a character from Alice in Wonderland and have them give it a spooky spin.

Yummy! Pumpkin spice, pumpkin/apple pies, and candied apple are delicious treats that make an appearance this month as these fruits all come into season. Try your hand at some baking and candying on the 21st, Apple Day.

Incorporate Loli into your costume. Of course Lolita alone isn't a costume but dressing up as Alice or a Marionette. There's a host of ideas to add some loli to your Halloween costume. Victoria Suzanne , the amazing blogger of Parfait Doll has made two list of ideas list 1 and list 2 .

I'll be adding more Halloween ideas later in the month so watch out for those articles.

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