Monday, June 18, 2012

Lolita VS Fairy Kei

Fairy kei 2

Time again to put on my Dr Frankenstein coat and bring you another hybrid...

Fairy Lolita or Fairy kei Lolita will endear the hearts of all my Sweet Lolita followers... especially with so many hybrids spinning from Classic Lolita, its time Sweet Lolis got some attention.

Lets begin with what is Fairy kei...

Fairy kei is style that is inspired by the childrens fashions and cartoons of the 1980s and early 90s. Expect pastels, vintage Reebok sneakers, cute 80s/90s plushies, plastic jewelry, and  embellished vintage Levi's denim jackets. This style is whimiscal, jovial and will have you asking yourself why didn't I keep all my My Little Ponies or Care Bears?

There are many brands that cater to Fairy kei the ones that stand out as the most popular are:

Spank!, 6% Doki Doki Nile PerchManiaQ, and one that's already a favorite among Lolitas, Angelic Pretty .

How do you give a Fairy spin to your Loli?

For all my Sweet Lolita, especially OTT Sweet Lolis head to your closets. Pastel colored blouses, Angelic Pretty Tea Party shoes, Pastel colored wigs can get you well on your way to a bonafide Fairy Lolita coordinate. Hunt down some of your old toys or head to your local thrift store, flea market, or swap meet to find vintage Care Bears, Poggle, My Little Ponies, etc; take out your handy-dandy glue gun, lace, puffy decorative balls, and tulle; and start crafting some sweet accessories for your new look.

For new Lolitas think pastels colored petticoats something like this from Bodyline, some cute cartoon character cutsews/t shirt (extra points if the are vintage 80s and 90s tees) and some cute vintage reebok-type shoes (here's a link to help with shoe options).

Have fun and see you next time...

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