Friday, September 28, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival

It has been ages since I last posted but I am back with some great news. I have officially joined Lolita Blog Carnival, LBC. I am so excited to be among some awesome Lolita blog writers. So what is Lolita Blog Carnival? It's a groups of Lolita blog writers that have come together to create prompts, strengthen the Lolita blogging community, and present some interest material for our fellow Lolis.

So who can you expect at the carnival? A few of my favorites:

Parfait Doll
Her Lumpiness
Ramble Rori 
F Yeah Lolita

And some blogs that I am excited to subscribe to:

Sweet and Simple 
Magic a'la Mode
A Lace Jail
Starry Dreams 
Darkly Darling

If you would like to join Lolita Blog Carnival, follow this link to the FB page, see if you fit the criteria, then send a message to the moderators.

Many blogs have already started the first prompt, the $100 outfit. I was just accepted to LBC, so my first LBC prompt will be next friday, please keep a look out for that post.

As always Love and light to all my readers, and check back soon.

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