Friday, September 28, 2012

Fairytale Fashion Boutique

Last Wednesday I head up to Los Angeles, with some friends, for a one day road trip.  While we were there, we made a stop in Little Tokyo and I had a chance to visit the Fairytale Fashion Boutique. Fairytale Fashion Boutique is a new shop that caters to Lolita Fashion in Los Angeles. I enjoyed the time I was there. The staff is awesome and the selection is great. It is an awesome shop with something available to fit every budget from $5 earrings to the super coveted $500 authentic Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival OP. They sell new and previously loved items, and are a great option for beginner Lolitas and veteran Lolis alike. They carry a huge assortment of accessories from many recognized artist like Automatic Honey, and Geeky Glamourous, Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright. You can find blouses, cutsews, skirts, JSK, OPs, and shoes from many of our favorite brands like AP, BTSSB, Emily Temple Cute, and Bodyline.

They host many events like tea parties and artist's fashion line debuts. They have one coming up on October 13, 2012 for Automatic Honey debuting in their boutique. Here is a link for more details Halloween Dinner Party 

I definitely recommend this shop to everyone, and can't wait till I have a chance to return.

Please like them on Facebook , and follow them on twitter for more updates on this boutique.

Thank you and keep an eye out for my Fairytale Boutique haul.

-Thank you to Fairytale Boutique for letting me use their photos and logo for this post. 

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  1. Yay new post! OMG I love your new background! *A* And lovely picture you chose of the storefront :3 I'm so excited you got to see the shop! >w<


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