Friday, October 5, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Lolita Trends I Could Never Get Into

1) Bonnets

Don't get me wrong, I have admired many beautiful bonnets, especially this one pictured. But I just couldn't see myself wearing one. I think it's just too much for me in Lolita and it reminds me too much of the Regency period and Jane Austen novels. However I might consider wearing one if I was ever cosplaying Elizabeth Bennet or Marianne Dashwood. 

2) Most platform Lolita shoes
I don't usually like platform shoes in general but in Lolita they seem too bulky and heavy. Now there are some platform shoes I do like, these for example (1, 2, 3). The 2 examples pictured are just not my cup of tea. 

3) Wristbands with Short sleeve shirts

I have been tempted before, but I could never bring myself to wear wristbands with short sleeves shirts. However under long sleeves to extend the length of the sleeve, yes ( I have long arms and long sleeve lolita shirts are short on me). I think they make the arms look out of balance and much rather wear bracelets instead.

Here are some awesome blogs with there take on this theme:


  1. Oh, the second pair of shoes looks extremely uncomfortable! The first pair I however happen to own, in pink, and I love them:-) I understand your reservations though.
    About the bonnets, that's a very interesting point to make (also YAY for a fellow Austen fan!), may I ask why does the Regency feel in Lolita trouble you? I'm very much into the historical aspect of Lolita fashion, so this differing point of view is very intriguing for me.
    And by the way - I adore your background, it makes the Victorian/Edwardian lover in me sing:-)

    1. Thank you for reading my blog first of all. High five to a fellow Austen fan. It's not so much that I am bothered by the Regency period's influence in Lolita, actually I might only wear a bonnet if I was doing a whole Regency period inspired Lolita coord. So I guess if I was doing Regency Lolita I would be open to donning a bonnet... Maybe its something I should consider.

  2. omg omg, those first pair of shoes in you link!!! >w< so cuuute

    Love that you connected the link *-* wish I could buy it tho >.< I have something similar tho :3


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