Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 prints I would like to see

Welcome to another addition LBC, this time around we're are presenting you with 3 prints we would like to see brands come up with.

This would definitely be in the realm of Gothic Lolita. I'm thinking something a la BTSSB's Alice and the Pirates Vampire Requiem. I love the look of skulls especially with roses in motifs, I an drawn to the dark and romantic concept of it. 

2) More fairy tale prints for all lolita substyles

I love fairy tales and wish more would be depicted in prints. Baby has come up with some that would feel perfect for a classic Lolita's wardrobe but what about sweet and gothic lolis. I can imagine the witch's, of Hanzel and Gretel, house displayed in all its candy glory being donned by a sweet loli with a matching polymer clay candy decoden headdress similar to the one found here. I can also see the theme being turned to the dark side. Beauty and the beast displayed with roses and thorny vines surrounding each scene. 
3) Dolls 

I love dolls and have found that many Lolitas do too, I am surprised that with all the collaborations some brands have done with famous BJD companies (Innocent World X Pullip, Angelic Pretty X Pullip, BTSSB x Volks, H. Naoto x Pullip) that there wouldn't be more prints featuring dolls. This could also manifest itself in the different substyles. Broken porcelain dollies for the gothic prints, classically clad bjds for the classic girls, and cute Kiki Kinoko Juice-like dolls for the sweet lolis. 

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  1. I would love to see all of these on a Lolita dress, but my dream print would probably have a BJD on it. I'm also quite surprised a brand hasn't come up with something like that before!

    1. I agree, I thought it would be automatic especially with Baby's collab with Volks. I am crossing my fingers that perhaps one of these days it might happen.

  2. I have actually thought before that a BJD print would be amazing. But then I thought about all the people who like to twin with their dolls. And a BJD wearing a print with BJDs on it might be a little too meta. XD

    And I definitely want a Beauty and the Beast print now! With roses and everything... <3

  3. I never thought about it before but you're right, I can't remember a print featuring dolls! Really good idea *-*


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