Friday, January 14, 2011

Coordinating Outfits

What makes a style charming? Is it the separate pieces or the creative ways that one brings together said pieces?

Sometimes you can have the perfect items in your wardrobe, put still without the right mixing and matching of these items you will get a blah outfit.

Sure brands release sets everything from headwear to socks are pre-coordinated, but it can be a little too cookie cutter, even for a fashion that isn't in the least cookie cutter.

Coordinating outfits is a skill of the well dressed, a skill that can definitely be learned but it does take lots of trial and error.

Yet getting the experience can be a difficult venture especially if you haven't the money to buy many pieces in a short space of time.

So what's one to do when you're just starting out in a fashion with a small budget.

Go digital!

There are many resources that allow for coordinating practice and today I will share with you my favorites!

Polyvore, is my favorite. It allows the user to take stock pictures of garments and match them. You have the option of adding background borders. There is also a Livejournal community: Lolita Outfits, where you can post Polyvore created outfits for critique from other lolis

Dress up games much like the vintage paper doll, You have garments, usually graphics instead of stock photos, and a cute doll to "pin" them on. Here are some of the most Loli-esque that I could find on the web.

For other fashions, mainstream et al , I like to head over to Roiworld. Before the site was in Korean and due to getting hit after hit from the western world they signed up with Lifetime and voila the english version of Roiworld was born. Roiworld is not focused on Lolita fashion but it can still help as a practice for coordinating outfits since many mixing and matching tricks can style jump.

Dress up games are definitely a great tool to learn especially when you're starting out or if you have a limited wardrobe.

Overall have fun!

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