Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wa and Qi Lolita

Among the hardest of the substyles to coordinate Wa and Qi Lolita tiers between what is considered lolita and what is cosplay. The seasoned coordinator might have an easier time establishing these styles into a truly Lolita outfit and not have it be knocked down as cosplay or worse and ita outfit.

I personally like Wa and Qi, dreaming of coordinated that still have yet to manifest.

The element of Japanese or Chinese traditional fashions are mixture with the lolita silhouette.

For Wa Lolita it is common to see yukata or kimono, obis, getta. Kanzashi and other traditional hair adornments are also worn. Meta also makes a kimono fabric jsk which are perfect for the beginner experimenting with Wa Loli.

In Qi Lolita it is usual to see a quipao usually modified to allow the cupcake skirt quintessential to Lolita underneath. Traditional Chinese hair adornments are also used to replace alice bows or the rectangular headdress.

Examples of a well done Wa and Qi lolita coordinate can be found here:

Brands that cater to Wa or Qi Lolita:

Unfortunately Wa and Qi are not as commomn as before and searching in the major lolita brands will be a challenge, but if you look outside to the off brand arena you can find some elegant items.

Another note:

Since Wa and Qi Lolita are a mixture of culture and Lolita fashion I would also like to share with you:
Han lolita a style that mixes Korean traditional Hanbok with Lolita, some examples:
Wryd Loli a style once coordinated by a member of the Livejournal Community, EGL, it s just lovely and fits with the articles theme.
If you want more info on Wa and Qi here are some links that may help:

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