Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hime Lolita

Looking over a copy of Kera magazine I eyed a Hime Lolita, I looked at her intently since its been a while since I've seen a Hime lolita. I would say that Hime Lolita is the link between Hime Gyaru and Lolita, evidence is in the big hair and the crown motifs present in both styles. Of course I would never suggest that one could interchange items between the two but I wouldn't be surprised if some did managed to pull off  either style with elements of the other.
What to expect of the Hime Lolita:
This Lolita is the princess of the land, she can be seen wearing tiaras or mini crowns. Like the Classic Lolita, which takes its inspiration from the Victorian Era, it is easy to see the Rococo influence in Hime Lolita. I imagine this Loli takes great inspiration from Queen Marie Antoinette.

Brands that Cater to the Hime Lolita:

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