Friday, August 6, 2010

Budget Lolita: DIY

So you've scouted your local boutiques, Forever 21, HM, even departments stores and still can't find what you're looking for.

Every beginning Lolita has experienced this frustration with the readymade world. So what are you to do?

Make it your self!

But how you ask, well if you know where to begin you have a juicy option to build your wardrobe.

Where to begin? You have lots of resources at your dispense.

Sew_loli Comm in Livejournal: offers but tutorials, and inspiration and also gives you an audience to give constructive critique or to help when your projects get a little out of hand.

EGL Comm Memories : EGL staff have placed the many tutorials submitted into an easy to access page.

These lead to lolita specific tutorials but with a little creativity and knowledge you can use other resources not necessarily meant for Lolita and make a whole new garment

Visit Craftster an online community dedicated to you guess it crafts! There are also some Lolita members who share and post tutorials so you won't be lost.

Threadbanger website and Threadbanger on Youtube: They offer non Lolita tutorials but a Tuxedo Bib tutorial posted by the girls at Burdastyle and Caplet tutorial by Jenn have huge loli potential. Keep you eyes open and you mind wheels rolling to convert their ideas.

Now if you can't find what you got in mind, You could also look up patterns and add some lace and bows and voila JSK or OP. Make sure you have a good idea of what Lolita fashion s before trying this out.

Burdastyle offers patterns (both free!) for simple dress and blouse that with a bit of tinkering can be your next Lolita JSK and blouse.

You could always head down to your local fabric store and purchase one of their patterns.

Here are some of my suggestions:

Vogue's Very Easy Misses' Dress reminds me of the bodice of BTSSB Cherry Ribbon Summer OP; a simple change for a fitted skirt to say a gathered one; Voila you have a cute new BTSSB inspired OP.

Can any one see the similarities between Butterrick Misses' Dress B5351 and Angelic Pretty's Dream Dollhouse JSK?

Yes, you got it.. it's the bodice (with a few more embellishments of course) and if you take that bodice and flare out the skirt portion of this pattern and some lace and a some bows.

Remember with a bit of creativity, basic sewing skills and knowledge of Lolita, you too can come up with your own Lolita wardrobe items.

Have fun with it and happy crafting!

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