Monday, August 9, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

Bonjour mes amis!

This tuesday I would like to focus on hair accessories and obviously I would like to show a few tutorials on bows.

elizabethzap1 has posted a very helpful video on youtube on how to make cute ribbon bows.

JynDesign's offers a tutorial on making flower corsage hair clips

I've been eyeing Victorian Maiden's and Mary Magdalene's rose corsage hair combs for the longest time but have yet to purchase them for the hefty price tag they tote, so as a true spend thrift I wanted to make them myself and luckily Tian Shi had posted an easy to follow tutorial on the main Lj comm.

Another fun accessory and one I really want to try for this autumn and fall seasons in the mini top hat and the one I found with a few changes (in material)... and a few add ons (rose or ribbons the possibilities are endless) has the perfect shape, comes from Tom Banwell.

finally another great bow tutorial comes from Layer Cake Lie (posted to EGL Lj comm)

This is the first of the hair accessory tutorials I will make another when I find more.

I hope you enjoy and happy crafting!


  1. This is a helpful post :3 Especially with all the browsing you do online, you definitely gather a lot of information and resources :)

    I've been wanting one of Tom Banwell's masks for awhile ._.

  2. Oh! I forgot to add, I'll be selling off some flowers, this Sunday, you can actually use for those rose corsage hair clips you want to make :3 I can bring them over when I see you on Thursday if you're not going to be coming on Sunday o.o


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