Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

Oh my gosh its time again for another tutorial tuesday and this one will focus on skirts, yes a basic for any Lolita's wardrobe.

Today Evange posted to EGL LJ comm her tutorial for box pleats
I made a pleated skirt a while back and wished this tutorial had been available then. I came out great but it would have been much easier had I been guide.

Next up the simple skirt from LOTR, they have names their version the hobbit skirt, but no worries ladies this pattern is loliable: my suggestion adding a ruffle at the hem, perhaps a some cute lace

Another option for a basic lolita skirt: the flared skirt comes in two options: Pour_me_coffee's LJ tutorial and Desany's tutorial on her youtube channel LolitaCupcakeXD.

Don't know how to add a ruffle well there is a good tutorials that can give you some guidance.
RhodyGunn's tutorial, which comes in 2 parts: part 1 and part 2

What about a ruffle skirt? Murphy offers a layered ruffle tutorial that with a little tweaking can

Back ruffle skirts are also big in Lolita... One of the basics especially for those who love bustles.
Kidcaella answers to many wishing to figure out this skirt.

What's a back ruffle skirt without a cute overskirt? Chiaki_Ayumi's tutorial is sure to please!

Enjoy and happy crafting!

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